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What is outsourcing?

The term "outsource" refers to hiring human resources from external services to address specific needs and problems of the enterprise. Using outsourcing services can reduce the load for the company's employees or improve work efficiency and especially save operating costs for businesses.

Currently, companies and businesses use outsource services in all areas. The most outsourced area is probably the IT and information technology segment because IT jobs often do not depend on the cooperation of other parts of the company. Domestic and foreign businesses often outsource their fields: software, applications, applications, website design, HTML, etc. so that they can have a reliable back system instead of relying entirely on one, 2 IT staff.

Wecommit with experts with many years of experience in the programming field, we are very pleased and look forward to bringing businesses 1 IT Outsourcing Service Package (including the entire array of software programming, website, app applications , ...) so that businesses can be completely assured of business and administration.

IT Outsourcing - Professional software outsourcing

  • 01
    Reduce staff load, redirect focus
  • 02
    Effective and quality technology application
  • 03
    Save business operating costs
  • 04
    Reliable and secure with professional staff

Outsourcing software outsourcing features in Wecommit

High professional capacity

Wecommit programmers are enthusiastic computer programmers, engineers with professional competence and learning spirit to be able to find solutions to any IT problems, as well as update market trends. school to produce the most effective and relevant product.

Multidisciplinary experience with difficult projects

With many years working in IT, Wecommit has accumulated a lot of experience in all aspects of IT, can handle the most complex problems, as well as can serve all types of customers and processes. Different business models.

Enthusiastic support, customer care and accompany customers forever

Wecommit is also known for enthusiastic support and advice in the process of cooperation with customers. All customers' inquiries are thoroughly explained, all needs are seriously consulted and researched. Wecommit also has an attractive after-sales system, helping the product always work stably, customers will always find it worth every penny.

Secure business information for customers and partners

Wecommit always complies with the requirement for all service providers' employees and suppliers to sign non-disclosure agreements (NDA) with the purpose of protecting sensitive information. We always ensure that our employees have full security control in accordance with Wecommit's information protection policies, which are broader than normal requirements (for example, (Financial Sector Review) or the industry's best practices.

Some projects we have implemented

  1. The project of deploying data synchronization application - ATS
    Technology: Oracle Database, Oracle Golden Gate, SQL Server, Cassandra, .Net, PL / SQL
  1. Project of Bookstore for the Blind - Project for the community
    • Technology:
      - Mobile App: use the React Native framework of facebook development,
      - Web administration: Use ReactJS framwork to develop system administration website.
      - Backend system: Using REST API developed on Spring Boot framework in Java language, combining MySql database management system.
  1. Outsourcing project built data analysis module - VMG
    Technology: Oracle Database, PL / SQL
  1. Outsourcing project implements some features for ERP system - FPT Corporation
    Extend automation feature for ERP system - FPT Corporation
    - Technology: Oracle Form, Oracle Report, PL / SQL, Oracle Database
    Optimize your DWH - MSB job
    - Technology: Oralce Database, ETL, PL / SQL