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Database optimization is a very difficult and challenging task. Especially when you work on databases large enough.

Now, in addition to the requirements for correctness, the performance problem, the execution time of the application is very important.

Your customers are very fastidious and don't want to wait long, but you cannot explain to them because the data is too big and the system cannot respond quickly.

You cannot force customers to wait, you must have a resolution.

You will find that you can not keep upgrading CPU, RAM, hard disk ... is solving all that sometimes just need to make a few small changes in the algorithm.

The read-write-compute processes but have a significant impact on the performance, execution time of the system.

And these jobs must be done by experienced DBA experts to handle them thoroughly.

Service Process

  • 01
    Analysis of database status before optimization
  • 02
    Comparing KPI before and after optimization
  • 03
    Make an optimal plan
  • 04
    Optimal performance according to the proposed plan

Output result

  • 01
    Database performance evaluation report
  • 02
    The figures are transparent, evidenced by graphs, figures and clear arguments
  • 03
    Provide comparison criteria before and after optimization
  • 04
    Make detailed plans for database optimization
  • 05
    Implementing the optimal database system with the customer

Our Commitment

Database commitment of at least 20% improvement through parameters such as

Commit to reduce at least 20% of database load
Reduce the wait that affects database performance and eliminate problems in the status analysis report before optimization
Performance comparison before and after optimization of TOP SQL (Comparison of many criteria: Execution time, physical reads, Logical reads ...)
Additional comparison with KPIs agreed with customers (According to the specific characteristics of each database)