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Oracle Gold Partner

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Your database encountered abnormalities (Datafile is corrupted, the database cannot be started after the system reboots, the database crashes for unknown reasons, the system encounters a bug ....). You need a troubleshooting specialist to bring the service back to work as soon as possible. If you have purchased Wecommit's 24x7 or 8x5 support package, troubleshooting is of course what Wecommit will do. However, if you have not purchased these two support packages, we have a single database incident support service for the purpose of better customer service.

Benefits brought to customers

- Get advice from design experts from Wecommit and directly support troubleshooting
- Customers can call Wecommit to support the problem at any time
- Customer service is supported in the shortest time
- Flexibility in cost
- Supported by the best experts in the field

Service Process

Requirement accepted

Receiving the request via the service desk page Receive requests via email Receive requests by phone

Find Cause

Upon receiving the request from the customer, we will immediately gather information to find the cause of the problem. Response time is within 30 minutes.


Within 6 hours after receiving the request. We proceed to build solutions and perform troubleshooting.

Send Processing Report

After successful troubleshooting, we will send customers the troubleshooting record.

Ensure Safety

We will help prevent the system from repeating the same issues.

Technology Consulting

Consulting solutions for businesses operating seamless systems