Bao Viet is the leading Financial - Insurance Group in Vietnam and one of the 25 largest enterprises in Vietnam recognized and ranked by the State.

Wecommit's job in this project is to support the ETG GoldenGate software system for all Bao Viet Group's Database.

Project information:
  • Project name: Dự án Hỗ trợ phần mềm ETL Oracle GoldenGate của tập đoàn Bảo Việt
  • Customer: Tập đoàn Bảo Việt
  • System: RedHat Linux.
  • Database: Oracle Database.
  • Project time: 1 năm

Difficulties & Challenges

The challenge for us in this project is the highly complex GoldenGate deployment model (with multiple sources and data types), plus the time required to synchronize data almost in real time ( real-time).


In order to ensure the strict requirements of our customers, we have actively checked and discovered potential risks for the GoldenGate system and proposed remedial measures before the incident occurred. , and continually optimize and refine GoldenGate to meet user requirements or as the data expands.


  • GoldenGate system operates stably, uptime 100%.
  • Synchronous speed satisfactory