FPT, short for FPT Corporation (formerly known as Technology Development and Investment Company), is the largest IT services company in Vietnam with the main business of providing Information technology related services.

Project information:
  • Project name: Tối ưu database ERP
  • Customer: Tập đoàn FPT
  • System: RedHat Linux, Oracle Database 11g
  • Database: Oracle Database
  • Project time: 1 năm

Difficulties & Challenges

ERP system is the leading role in the operation of FPT Corporation. Before Wecommit started implementing the project, the ERP database system was constantly overloaded, the speed of user feedback was slow, even hanged, and it had to constantly restart the database to temporarily overcome the problem.


We went directly to the customer to monitor the system and then came up with the optimal implementation plan. In order to be able to evaluate the optimal performance in a convincing manner, all performance parameters of the database before and after our optimization are recorded.


  • Solve thoroughly the slowing down of the system.
  • Minimize the modification of application code, because the ERP business is extremely complex, affecting many departments.
  • Report speed has improved markedly.