Vietnam Cable Television - The No. 1 paid provider in Vietnam.

Is a pay TV unit with the largest number of branches, representative offices and showrooms in Vietnam. Over 20 years of experience, the only paid television unit directly under Vietnam Television, the main field of activity: pay television, telecommunications.

Project information:
  • Project name: Chuyển đổi hệ thống lưu trữ dữ liệu
  • Customer: Tổng Công ty Truyền hình cáp Việt Nam
  • System: RedHat Linux.
  • Database: Oracle Database
  • Project time: 1 tháng

Difficulties & Challenges

After the success of the Project of Optimizing Database CRM for IT Center of VTVCAB, with the trust of customers, Wecommit continued to carry out the transformation project of data storage system. In this project, Wecommit's job is to convert all the data from the old host to a newer host. The challenge of this project is that the total time allowed is limited to 2 hours while the amount of data to be converted is huge.


In order to ensure the stringent requirements of the project, we have sat down with customers in person to present implementation options. Because the implementation time is quite urgent, it is necessary to have close cooperation and close cooperation between partners and customers.


  • Total time to fulfill the requirements of customers.
  • In the course of implementation, no problems occurred.
  • There is a plan to roll back in case of failure.