Stemming from the idea of using high quality products and services to solve difficult data management problems in enterprises, a group of talented and dedicated Oracle database experts founded the company. WECOMMIT technology shares. Through WECOMMIT, we wish to make a useful contribution to the society and at the same time bring the best values to our partners and customers.




Loyal to the development perspective based on the principle of giving REAL VALUE to customers, helping customers to realize the potential capability, the desire to take customers and the company itself to a new level, We - WECOMMIT is formed on the basis of a united, well-trained collective with experience gained from contacting customers and partners - ranging from government agencies to domestic and foreign enterprises. country.




In 2016, we officially established and created WECOMMIT. The company's staff are experienced people who have participated in many large projects with high complexity. They are all experts, senior experts in each company, organization has worked before.



With faith and hope in WECOMMIT

We aim to bring customers the best Oracle services and solutions. Thereby proving it's capacity and striving for the goal of "Becoming the number one provider of database operation and security services in Vietnam".

Vision & Mission

WECOMMIT always aims to become a company that provides database operation and security services with the best quality to all customers and partners.

Helping customers realize the hidden capacity to develop to a new level.

We are committed to bringing real benefits to our customers, helping them develop and optimize the resources we have.

Core values

Our value is present in 2 words:

  • Proactive
  • Matter

Overtaking other competitors, we are committed to taking the initiative from problem approaching to customer support. We are committed to accompanying and bringing existing benefits to all customers, actively contributing to the sustainable development of our customers.

With a team of professional staff, constantly researching and improving skills, and a typical management system, we are committed to the quality of the company's service is fully verified by the customers themselves, partner.

Our Expert Team